How much time commitment is required to be a Burger Centre volunteer?

It depends. With such a diverse range of services, there are opportunities to suit many levels of commitment from weekly to fortnightly or monthly.

Can I volunteer if I work full time?

Most of our services operate from Monday to Friday within business hours however we sometimes require volunteers to help with weekend special events (eg Shabbat Project Dinner).

What kind of support and training can I expect?

We provide orientation and support. We will also offer to send you on appropriate training courses to enhance your volunteering skills.

Are volunteers covered by insurance?

Public Liability Insurance for volunteers are provided by the Burger Centre.

Do I need a Police Check and References?

All volunteers are required to undertake a Police Check. You will also be asked to provide the names of 2 referees to support your application.

Who pays for the Police check?

A. They are free for volunteers.