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Dementia Australia webinar series is for family carers only and excludes professional health care workers. 

UNDERSTANDING DEMENTIA: An introduction to dementia for family carers, this session explains the types of dementia and the importance of diagnosis, early planning. 

COMMUNICATION: This session looks at the changes in communication that occur for the person with dementia. It provides information of the problems that come about from communication breakdown and offers some suggestions for achieving better communication. 

BEHAVIOURS: To provide carers with an understanding of the factors contributing to changes and how to respond to these changes in the behaviour of the person with dementia.  

FAMILY AND FRIENDS: A broad overview of dementia for immediate and extended family and friends, wanting to know more about different types, signs, symptoms and progression of dementia.  You will receive information about effective communication strategies, and explore a range of issues that impact upon your relationship. 


 Webinar  Time Cost   Dates  Registration
 Communication  2pm to 3pm  Free  Thursday 29th August 2019  REGISTER HERE
 Family and Friends  3pm to 4pm  Free  Tuesday 24th September 2019  REGISTER HERE
 Behaviours  2pm to 3pm  Free  Friday 25th October 2019  REGISTER HERE
 Communication  3pm to 4pm  Free  Tuesday 19th November 2019  REGISTER HERE

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