Protecting our employees, volunteers and community remain our priority during the extended COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.

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Why Burger Centre?

Why Burger Centre?

Why Burger Centre?

Burger Centre is a safe space for seniors to socialise and connect with our local community.

With state-of-the art and purpose-built facilities, we offer a range of stimulating programs for seniors from all backgrounds to support holistic wellbeing, meaningful social connections through a variety of core and seasonal programs.

Our diverse range of activities are perfect for people wanting to meet new people, remain active and be connected to community or for carers wanting safe and inclusive respite for those living with cognitive impairment such as dementia, to volunteering opportunities. Our clients can enjoy a range of programs tailored to suit you. Offerings including guest speakers, live entertainment, movies in our in house theatre, discussion groups, intergenerational programs and volunteering along with Art, land and aqua based exercise, excursions, and more. A full range of programs available can be found here .

For Seniors

Our Centre caters for the needs of seniors in our community with a diverse range of programs and services including respite for carers.

Our Programs

Wellness Programs

Burger Centre believe positive ageing is important to maintain health and wellbeing, not just physically, but socially, mentally and culturally. We support positive ageing through our wide range of seasonal and core programs to help keep you feeling fit, healthy, engaged and happy.

Social Support Program

Having a lack of social interaction is related to negative impacts on health and wellness, particularly for older people. To prevent isolation and to contribute to better psychological and physical wellbeing, we coordinate a range of activities including day trips to extend social connections and keep people healthy and active. Our activities are designed around common interests with other like-minded people.

Respite Program

Our respite program is great for those wanting to maintain independence and social connections, providing a secure supportive environment to be yourself. Being involved in the respite programs at the Burger Centre gives opportunities to participate in indoor and outdoor pursuits including gardening, snooker, bowls, art gallery tours, concerts, current affairs discussions to name a few. This gives family carers an opportunity to continue to work, volunteer or pursuit their own interests at the same time. Door to door transport, morning and lunch makes our respite program an easy choice.

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